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The 2-year-old syndrome is a special period in which some problems are encountered during the transition from infancy to childhood. It usually starts around 18 months, which usually coincides with the period when babies start walking and move independently and continues until the child is around 3-3.5 years old.

The 2-year-old syndrome is one of the periods when parents have the most difficulty in child development. The main problems faced during this period are:

• "I will do it" attachments, insistence on requests, disobedience, doing the opposite of what is requested, jealousy, meticulousness, obsessions and shyness

• Appetite problems

• Disorders in sleep patterns, not wanting to go to bed

• tantrums; parents- hitting, biting, hurting children; banging one's head, throwing oneself to the ground, crying nonstop

• Toilet problems

The first thing that parents who observe the symptoms of 2-year-old syndrome in their child should know is that these behaviors are a periodic attitude and that the problems can be solved before long. During this period, it is recommended that parents act carefully and calmly and draw the child's attention in different directions in times of conflict.

It should not be forgotten that young children should be allowed to explore, mix and experience, provided that they do not harm themselves and the environment. The self and personality formations of children raised in this way are healthier and they can become more self-confident individuals.

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