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Attention to Persistent Stomach Pain and Indigestion!

Stomach cancer, which has come to the fore in recent years due to unhealthy eating habits, smoking and unconscious practices, also confronts us with its deadly results. However, thanks to advances in technology in recent years, it can be diagnosed early and brought under control with correct treatment practices. In the treatment of stomach cancer, hot chemotherapy called "Hyperthermia" provides successful results in suitable patients.

Ignored digestive system problems can lead to stomach cancer

Stomach cancer, along with the pancreas, is the type of cancer that worries patients the most. Since stomach and pancreatic cancers are diagnosed at very advanced stages, they do not contribute much to the life expectancy of the patients. The tumor types in which the successful results of today's modern treatments are least reflected are stomach and pancreatic cancers. In these types of cancer, the top priority of doctors should be to catch stomach cancer at an earlier stage. For this reason, people who have digestive disorders, have pain in the stomach area, and have complaints such as indigestion should be more aware.

Mediterranean diet reduces cancer rate

Stomach cancer is more common in smokers. Gastric cancer; It is a type of cancer that is more common in people with stomach polyps, helicobacter pylori infection, or those who consume too much food such as smoked food and pickles, especially in Asian populations. However, the frequency of gastric cancer decreases in regions with fresh fruit and vegetable consumption. When signs of stomach cancer are seen, an endoscopy should be performed by referring to a gastroenterology specialist. Among the current treatment methods of gastric cancer, surgery and chemotherapy come first. Especially in gastric cancer starting from the second stage, chemotherapy treatment given before the operation is very important to increase the effectiveness after the operation.

Tumor is reached directly with hot chemotherapy

Giving chemotherapy to the patient during the surgery is one of the most important methods used recently. The rate of chemotherapy given before and after surgery to reach the tumor area is between 20 and 30 percent. However, this rate increases to 100 percent by giving chemotherapy during the surgery. Hot chemotherapy, called hyperthermia, is actually a treatment method that has been used for the last 20-30 years. While hot chemotherapy is a treatment method applied to patients with gynecological tumors and colon cancer in the past and with very good results, its effect has also been proven in gastric cancer. This method should be used very carefully by cancer specialist teams in selected patients who can tolerate the risks of this surgery.

Used during surgery

Hot chemotherapy, called hyperthermia, is a hope for cancer patients diagnosed with advanced inoperable cancer. hot chemotherapy; In tumors that spread to the peritoneum and intra-abdominal organs, after the appropriate ones are removed from these organs, the inside of the abdomen is washed with chemotherapeutic agents at 40-42 degrees with special tools. In this way, the remaining tumor cells are mechanically cleaned, while at the same time, chemotherapy agents are allowed to go directly to the tumor site and be destroyed.

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