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Beware of Rupture of the Shah Vein!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

As a team, we performed a very important operation. 5 years ago, we had an emergency operation due to the rupture of the aorta, which we call the main carotid artery, which comes out of the heart. In other words, the area where the vital veins going to the brain and the vital veins going to the arms were torn. All of a sudden, blood flow to the brain has stopped and the cerebral artery is completely occluded. This is what we call carotid artery dissection in the medical literature. We can also express it as a carotid artery rupture. The probability of a rupture, which we call dissection, in the jugular vein, in the neck vein, and in the vein that goes to the brain, is very low. It is one of the very rare cases in the world, such as 1 or 2 per thousand. Therefore, carotid artery dissection is among the rare cases.

This is a very difficult surgery. It is a very rare but very challenging surgery, in which I have done only 8-10 heart surgeries in my nearly 10,000 heart surgery experience. Our team overcame this. Antalya is very lucky in this regard. Antalya is really lucky to have a center with intensive care, service, operating rooms, doctors and such experienced people.

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