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Botulinum Toxin

As we age, mimic wrinkles begin to form on our skin with the effect of our facial expressions. Wrinkles remain visible even though we do not mimic. For example, crow's feet around the eyes, vertical lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines on our forehead, smile lines on the corners of the lips, vertical lines above the lips. Before these lines are formed, we can get rid of permanent wrinkles thanks to the application of botolinium toxin to our mimic muscles.

Botulinum Toxin application is a toxin that has a relaxing effect on mimic muscles. It is an application that can be done by specialist doctors because it is a toxin.

There are two brands approved by the Ministry of Health in our country. These are Botox Cosmetic and Dysport brands. Apart from these, the products used as botulinum toxin products are not licensed by the Ministry of Health.

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