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Came from Germany for bypass surgery!

Mehmet Yiğit, a heart patient living in Germany, had previously undergone various heart surgeries in Germany, stent was inserted many times, but the solution could not be found completely. They reported that patient Mehmet Yiğit needed surgery, but they could not do this surgery because his veins were too thin.

Our 57-year-old patient, Mehmet İpek, came to Turkey from Germany to have an operation. We performed a successful bypass operation on our patient. He is in good health now.

The basic principle in bypass (bridge) surgeries is to bridge the clogged or narrowed coronary artery with a vessel taken from the leg (saphen), arm (radial artery), stomach (gastroepiploic artery) or chest (mamarya interna). In the veins taken from the chest, the blood comes from the vein going to the arm, and in the vein taken from the stomach, it comes from the stomach vein. The upper ends of the other free vessels are sutured to the aorta and blood is carried to the front of the stenosis.

Our patient is very healthy and happy. We will continue to follow our patient.

If our patients are happy, we are happier.

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