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“Cancer is the disease of the family”

The plague of our age is cancer; “Cancer, unfortunately, is the disease of the family. Being insensitive to the feelings and pain of our loved ones

It is not possible. In our culture where the concept of family is strong, this is even more important for our country” !!


To whom and how often do we recommend Cancer Screenings & Screenings?

Women should have a mammogram every year after their 40s. For cervical cancer, it is recommended to take a smear at most every 3 years. For men, if he is a heavy smoker, he can have some tomographic scans with low radiation characteristics. After the age of 50, colonoscopy can be performed once every 10 years for colon cancer. Another important point is family history. Having a family history of breast cancer and colon cancer doubles the risk of cancer. It is important for people to be conscious in this sense in terms of early diagnosis.

Can people trust their genes by saying, "There is no case of cancer in my family"?

Genetic factors are important in only 10 to 20 percent of cancer diseases. For the remaining 80 to 90 percent of the population, genetics is not considered important for protection.

What does multidisciplinary approach in cancer treatment mean? What difference and advantages does this approach bring to the treatment and the patient?

Multidisciplinary approach is a way of thinking in which many branches come together, evaluate the patient and decide on the treatment methods together. We can achieve higher treatment success with the approach that brings together many branches in oncology. Very close to related branches

we are working. With its surgery, radiotherapy, support services, medical oncology, diagnostic branches, radiology, nuclear medicine, all oncology services are a whole. Since every organ system has cancer, physicians working in oncology, provided that they have experience in surgery and oncology of each department; Radiotherapy is a combination of intensive efforts in diagnosis-oriented branches and pathology.


So, do current treatments wear out patients less during chemotherapy treatment?

Supportive treatments that will reduce the side effects of chemotherapy are now more developed and diversified. In addition, targeted therapies (smart therapies) are more individualized and bring with them a lower side-effect profile. The use of appropriate treatment in the appropriate cancer patient is therefore very important and requires expertise. Morale and support are paramount in cancer.

Advice to relatives of cancer patients !!!

It is important to be a good listener, to allow the patient to talk without interrupting, to give importance to the feelings of the patients and not to give him unwanted advice and coercion (such as you should eat this, you should not cry), and to make him feel that you are with him.


If we say the last 50 years of cancer, can we say that cancer cases have increased?

In the last 50 years, there has been a significant increase in the number of cancer diseases. As life increases, chronic diseases increase.

We live longer, but do we live better quality?

One of the factors that impair quality is cancer. The geographical manifestations of cancer are also different. Colon cancer ranks first among digestive system cancers in Europe and America. But the situation is different in Turkey. stomach cancer, esophageal cancer,

We see that colon cancer is far ahead of us.

What is the social and psychological dimension of cancer?

Cancer, unfortunately, is the disease of the family. It is not possible for us to remain insensitive to the feelings and pain of our loved ones. Therefore, the family perceives psychological, financial and physical problems as a whole and together. In our culture where the concept of family is strong, this is more for our country.

is also important.

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