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Cryoablation for Cancer Treatment

Cryoablation for cancer treatment is a treatment method that destroys cancer cells with the application of extreme cold. @girisimsel_radioloji_uzman @drsistem

During cryoablation, cryoprobes are used, which are hollow needles through which cooled, thermally conductive fluids are circulated. Since it is applied over the skin and directly to the cancerous tumor, the risk of damage to nearby tissues is minimal.

When the patient does not have a surgical option, non-surgical cancer is preferred as a treatment option in patients who are suitable for this procedure.

Cryoablation is also sometimes used as primary treatment for the following types of cancer:

The necessary conditions and the appropriateness of the treatment depend on the joint decision of the Interventional Radiology specialist and the oncology specialist.

-Bone cancer

-Cervical cancer

-Eye cancer

- Kidney cancer

-Liver cancer

-Lung cancer

-Prostate cancer

-Cryoablation is also used to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by cancer that has spread to the bone (bone metastasis) or other organs. Cryoablation for cancer may also be called percutaneous cryoablation, cryosurgery, or cryotherapy.

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