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Hair Mesotherapy

The process of giving a special mixture containing vitamins, minerals, oligo elements and circulatory regulators necessary for hair into the scalp with small needles is called hair mesotherapy.

This special mixture spreads to the entire scalp through capillaries and begins to act. Hair mesotherapy has three effects.

1- Stop hair loss

2- Increasing hair quality (making it brighter, livelier and thicker)

3- Activating new hair growth

Hair mesotherapy is an effective treatment method for all hair loss, especially male pattern genetic loss and diffuse alopecia in women.

Mesotherapy is performed in ten sessions on average, and the sessions are applied once a week. The applied sessions take about ten minutes for male patients and about thirty minutes for female patients.

Since mesotherapy is performed with very fine needles, it is considered a painless procedure. It is a very safe treatment method as its content consists of vitamins, oligo elements and minerals. It can be applied to patients of all ages.

Summary of Hair Mesotherapy;

1- It is done to stop hair loss, increase hair quality and grow new hair.

2- It is effective in all types of hair loss.

3- It is a painless, painless and very safe treatment method. It does not cause any restriction in the daily life of the person after the sessions.

4- It is applied as 10 sessions with an average of 1 week intervals, the sessions last between 10-30 minutes.

Are the substances used in hair mesotherapy standard?

No. While some doctors use special formulas in hair mesotherapy, some use standard mixtures. Therefore, the results vary from doctor to doctor.

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