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Has the Frequency of Heart Diseases Increased in Babies?

Recently, there is an impression that the incidence of heart disease in newborn babies has increased. @drsistem @hhakanpoyrazoglu

In fact, the incidence rate of the disease has not changed statistically, due to the fact that the early diagnosis of the disease is possible even in the womb, in line with the developments in medicine. In this case, it seems as if the rate of sick babies is increasing. With the developments in medicine, heart disease can now be detected even in the womb, and the public is more aware and conscious about diseases. According to statistics, congenital heart disease, that is, congenital heart disease, is seen in the range of 5-8 per thousand live births in the world; It means structural defect in the heart or the great vessels of the heart from birth and there are many types. In stillbirths, this figure is between 3 and 5 percent.

Alcohol and drug use during pregnancy and advanced age pregnancy also have an important role in the disease. We are here with our entire team for the health of our babies and children, you can ask and consult your questions about heart diseases and their treatments. We wish you healthy days.

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