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Headache is one of the most common complaints in the society, and the rate of people with recurrent headache reaches 70%. Although it affects the quality of life negatively, it is generally not life-threatening. However, headache;

If it comes on suddenly and is the most severe of the headaches ever experienced,

If it does not pass and its severity increases,

If it causes double or blurred vision,

If you have vomiting without nausea,

If it occurs after the age of 50,

If it arose after a blow to the head or an accident,

If it manifests itself in the form of stiffness or fever in the neck, a physician should be consulted.


Headache may occur without a structural defect in the brain (primary) or may develop due to other diseases affecting the brain and body (secondary).

primary headaches,

1. Migraine

2. Tension-type headache

3. Cluster headache

4. Other primary headaches

secondary headaches,

1. Due to head and/or neck trauma

2. Due to head and/or neck vascular diseases

3. Due to intracranial, extravascular causes

4. Due to substance or substance deprivation

5. Due to microbial diseases

6. Due to disorders in blood biochemistry

7. Due to eye, ear, nose, sinus, tooth, mouth problems

8. Due to psychiatric disorders

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