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Healthy Child's advanced months and ages

Mothers and fathers are responsible for health education from the newborn period until the child turns eighteen. Therefore, what issues should be paid attention to until that age.

In the second and fourth months;

Relationship between baby, parents and siblings

The importance of playing and talking with the baby

Growth-development, breastfeeding and its problems

Vaccines, their importance, vaccine reactions

Sleep (at least 16 hours a day, 2-3 times a day)

Baby care and reasons for crying


Aspiration hazard

Family planning

In the sixth and ninth months;

family harmony

Evaluation of growth and development

Vaccines, their importance, vaccine reactions

care hygiene

Sleep (12-14 hours, at least 2 naps during the day)

The importance of playing with the baby

Complementary foods, feeding with a spoon and a glass

home accidents

Care of milk teeth

one year old;

Sitting at the family table (3 main, 2 break)

Encouragement of self-feeding


Dental care (no paste)

home accidents

Not suppressing the desire to be independent


Two and Three years old;

The importance of the family table

Balanced diet

anorexia problem

Adequate milk consumption



Sleep time

dental care

Toilet training

At the age of four and five;

Balanced diet, table conversations

group of friends, playing games

Answering questions about sexuality

dental care

Sleep patterns

Support for pre-school education

Teaching name, surname, address and telephone

Be warned about foreigners

Responsibility for housework

Traffic rules

Six and Eleven years old;

Sleep (20:00-21:00, total 9-10 hours)

Balanced diet

Tooth brushing (2 times), dental check-ups

Answering questions about sexuality

School adjustment, learning problems

TV, computer games

Education on abuse

Preventing accidents

reading habit

Twelve and Eighteen years old;

Healthy communication

Respect for private life

TV, computer games, internet use should be supervised

Smoking, substance use control

Balanced diet

dental care

Prevention of accidents

Answering questions and problems about sexuality

Education, encouragement to develop new skills

Let's listen to the voice of the child inside us, get light from the positive and negative experiences we experience, but let's not neglect the external child who holds our hand to satisfy the child inside.

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