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Heart Surgery in Children Is Now Performed With Closed Method!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Armpit heart surgeries, @drsistem @profdrhakanpoyrazoglu

It can be made through a 6-8 cm incision under the armpit. Patients can walk a few days after surgery. In classical heart surgeries, the patient's frontal bone is cut and a long incision is made in the chest. In armpit heart surgeries, it is performed through a small incision made in the right armpit, by entering between the ribs, without cutting any bone or muscle, and without opening the anterior sternum. Thus, the probability of infection in this method is also low. Especially in women, the aesthetic anxiety that can be experienced due to the surgical scar is also eliminated.

To Whom Can Underarm Surgery Be Applied?

It can be applied to babies, children, young or old, overweight or weak, female or male, all heart valve patients and patients who need heart hole repair.

-Mitral valve repair and replacement

-Aortic valve replacement

-Tricuspid valve repair and replacement

-ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) repair

-VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) repair

- Attempts to remove intracardiac tumors


-The patient recovers quickly after surgery,

- The duration of intensive care and hospital stay is shortened.

-The need for blood transfusion is reduced.

There is less pain after the operation. The wound heals quickly.

The patient can lie in any position after the surgery. Compared to patients whose sternum is opened from the front, they do not have to lie on their back for a long time.

-Especially those with high weight and sleep apnea; For patients who cannot sleep on their back, not having to lie on their back for a long time provides great comfort.

-The risk of opening the sternum, which is feared especially in elderly patients with osteoporosis and high weight, is absent in this technique since the bone is not cut.

After the surgery, the patient can easily get out of bed and lie down without assistance.

The risk of infection is low as the bone is not cut and there is no risk of opening the sternum.

-The patient can cough easily, there is no risk of opening the sternum.

-The patient is discharged early.

- Immediately after the operation, he can return to his daily life more easily and quickly, and even get on a plane.

-Shortly after the surgery, he can sit in the driver's seat and wear a seat belt.

-He does not have to be protected from a blow to the chest.

-Can use his arms comfortably and lift heavy, swim.

- Since the operation site is in the armpit, it is not easily visible. For detailed information and questions, you can ask questions and consult @hhakanpoyrazoglu by clicking the link, you can securely share your health information and examinations through our DrChat program.

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