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Is Pain a Disease?

Today, I would like to talk about a problem that almost everyone has experienced or continues to experience at some point in their life.

Scientific definition;

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience resulting from or defined as actual or potential tissue damage.

The issue of pain, which we encountered mostly in adults in the past, is no longer selective about age. I can say that I have patients from almost every age group who suffer from severe and chronic pain.

Pain is a condition that reduces the quality of life of a person, especially if it is continuous.

Moreover, pain itself is not even a disease!

Pain is a distressing symptom that signals a problem in the body.

People who have to live with pain often get support from painkillers, but sometimes there are types of pain that even these drugs cannot help.

For our patients who come with complaints of pain, it is important that we first find the source of the pain. Then we can plan the treatment of this disease that causes pain. It is absolutely necessary for the doctor and the patient to decide together, according to the circumstances, which of the treatment methods such as local interventions for the disease, drug treatments, physical therapy applications, open and closed surgical operations will be applied or which ones will be applied.

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