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Closed Mitral Valve Surgery from Underarm

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

The mitral valve is located between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart and prevents blood from flowing backwards. Mitral valve opening is 4-6 cm2. It consists of two leaflets and 3 muscles that allow 50 filamentous tissues extending from these leaflets to attach to the left ventricle and open and close the valve. Damage caused by any reason in one of these formations causes narrowing and/or insufficiency in the valve. This is called mitral valve disease. It progresses insidiously and over the years causes heart failure, hypertension in the pulmonary vessels, and accumulation of water in the body (edema).

Stenosis or insufficiency in the heart valves may progress very slowly and impair the function of the heart. While our heart is working to pump enough blood to our body, it needs more work because the blood it sends back to the top in valve insufficiency, and because there is an obstacle in front of sending blood in stenosis - stenosis.

Left heart chamber diameters enlarge in aortic and mitral valve regurgitations, irreversible cardiomyopathy and pulmonary hypertension may develop in delayed cases.

Patients who do not want to have their chest opened at a young age may lose the chance of surgery or increase their risk within years, sometimes even months.

In these surgeries performed under the armpit or under the breast, the patient may not even be able to see the operation site. Within a month, the location of the attempt becomes vague. It is preferred especially by young people and women.

In open heart surgeries where the breastbone is completely cut, sexual intercourse is prohibited until the bone boils. The patient has to protect himself from a blow to his chest, he cannot be loaded on his arms.

In interventions made from the armpit, the patient returns to normal performance in a short time. He does not have to hide his chest, he can swim in the sea or the pool in the summer, and the people around him cannot easily understand that he has had surgery.

Since the opening is small and there is no bone incision, the risk of infection is lower.

It reduces the risk of poor union of the anterior thoracic bone, playing with breathing and coughing (sternum dehiscence) that may develop after the operation in obese patients.

It also reduces the risk of reoperation for the second operations that may be required in the future.

It is best to be afraid of being late, not heart surgery anymore, it should not be forgotten that every day without treatment can put the heart into failure. Having our control examinations and tests done on time and not running away when surgery is recommended can save our hearts.

These surgeries should be performed by experienced surgeons who have worked on minimally invasive surgery for years and have good operation results.

Advantages of armpit incision;

- There is less risk of bleeding and infection.

- The recovery period is short and the healing process is fast.

- Aesthetically and psychologically, the patient has a healthier process.

- Less labor loss.

- The sternum is not cut and the patient does not have to lie on his back for 2 months.

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