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Minimally Invasive Underarm Heart Surgery

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Minimally invasive heart surgeries are surgeries that are performed with minimal intervention to the patient with a number of navigations as much as possible. In pediatric cardiovascular surgery, we perform minimally invasive cardiac surgery in children with a hole in the heart and children with certain heart diseases.

Most of the procedures we do in children are with the incisions we make from the front. In children with this type of hole in the heart, open heart surgery with 3.4.5 cm incisions from the right armpit, which is smaller than the incision we call anterior stenetomy, in children with a number of valve diseases such as ASD, VSD, AVSD, aortic valve and mitral valve diseases, is applied to the child. we are interfering.

This is the most minimally invasive procedure currently available.

Robotic surgery can also be performed, but robotic surgery is not possible for children in terms of weight. Robotic surgery can be applied to people over 40-50 kg. This exceeds the child group.

We can perform minimally invasive pediatric heart surgeries on children over 7 kg.

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