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Navigation Assisted Brain Tumor Microsurgery

Brain tumors can sometimes be very difficult operations for surgeons, especially in terms of location. They can be particularly close to areas of the brain that control the arms and legs, or to valuable brain areas such as the speech or vision center.

Navigation systems, which have recently been used today, make the surgeon quite comfortable during the operation and the patients are operated and regain their health without losing their speaking ability and without the development of paralysis in their arms or legs.

Navigation systems are high-tech devices that guide the surgeon in real time during the surgery using pre-taken CT and MR images in neurosurgery operations performed in the operating room. Navigation system can be used in cases of Cerebrovascular, Tumor resection, Biopsy, Pituitary, Hydrocephalus, Skull Base, Transnasal, Pediatric Neurosurgery in cranial surgery. The system enables to know where the navigation probes or other instruments used in the operation are located in the anatomical structure with high geometric precision. Before craniotomy (opening of the skull bone), the location of the tumor is determined on the actual anatomy. It enables the surgeon to find the most suitable entry point to reach the tumor and to determine the smallest possible cut area on the skull. After craniotomy, it guides the surgeon as it moves through the brain tissue to find the tumor. It visually assists the surgeon to take the right angle, the shortest path, and the least damage to other tissues.

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