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One out of every four men in Turkey is an obesity patient!

Obesity, which is called the plague of the age, is increasing day by day due to wrong eating habits, sedentary life and lack of information. Obesity upsets the balance in the body and causes many serious diseases and cancers. Studies show that the prevalence of obesity has doubled in men in the last 10 years, and a quarter of Turkish men are facing the problem of obesity. Obesity reduces the quality of sperm in men and can even cause infertility if left untreated.

Obesity raises risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease

Obesity; It is a disease that occurs as a result of the energy taken with food is more than the energy consumed and the excess energy is stored as fat in the body, negatively affecting the quality and duration of life. Adipose tissue constitutes 15-18% of body weight in adult men and 20-25% in women. If this rate rises above 25% in men and 30% in women, it causes obesity. Studies show that the number of people who can lose weight with diet and exercise does not exceed 3%-10%. The remaining 90% are at risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Obesity also significantly affects the lives of young people. The life expectancy of a 20-year-old is reduced by 12 years compared to his peers.

May cause infertility

Studies show that obese men have reduced sperm quality due to obesity. Normally, a small amount of estrogen hormone is secreted from the adipose tissue in men. In obese men, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the adipose tissue increases, and thus testosterone decreases and accordingly, sperm quality decreases. Hormonal irregularities are higher in overweight men than in those with ideal weight. In addition, obesity increases the incidence of colon and prostate cancers in men.

Losing 1 kilo can prevent 100,000 cases a year

Obesity has a direct effect on the formation of 7% of cancers. Controlling excess weight, which is the most important cause of many chronic diseases, is of great importance not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health. If a person reduces their body mass index by 1% or loses approximately 1 kg, 100,000 cancer cases per year in the world can be prevented. Obesity is a very serious health problem in Turkey as well as all over the world. Obesity is not an aesthetic or posture problem, it is a disease. Studies show that obesity will cause 500,000 cancer cases per year in 2030. It is inevitable for Turkey to get its share from this picture, as it is the case in the rest of the world. For this reason, it is necessary to take the necessary measures, both personally and socially, without losing time.

Surgical treatment saves lives

Obesity surgery not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the person, but also increases the quality of life. People who gain weight throughout their lives always pose a risk for cancer. In the USA, where one out of every three people live as overweight, a significant portion of patients with stomach and bowel cancer are obese. Obesity should be treated in the same way that cancer is a disease that is taken seriously and treated. The most effective and permanent method of treatment is surgery. While less success is achieved with diet and exercise, this rate is much higher in surgery. Therefore, it is very important for obesity patients to be treated promptly so that they do not suffer from cardiovascular system diseases, psychological disorders and sleep apnea. In obesity surgery, the method is determined individually. After a comfortable operation, patients can return to their work and social life in a short time and reach their ideal weight with proper planning.

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