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Skin Cancer Risk in Fair-Skinned People

People with fair skin, light eyes, red-blond hair or skin type that can easily develop sunburn have a higher risk of developing skin cancer than others. In order to benefit from the positive effects of the sun, half an hour of sunbathing in the morning and evening is sufficient during the hours when the rays are oblique. We should be careful not to stay in the sun when it is the steepest.

Other risky groups with skin cancer are as follows: People with fair skin, light-colored eyes, red-blonde hair or skin type that can easily develop sunburn have a higher risk of developing Skin Cancer than others. The risk is greatly increased in people who have been exposed to intense sunlight for a long time or intermittently. People with a family history of malignant melanoma have a 2 times higher risk than the normal population. The risk is also increased in people with abnormal-looking dysplastic nevus syndrome.

Check your skin regularly and seek help from a family member if necessary. Once a month, inspect your torso, arms and legs, palms and soles. Check your scalp and back with a mirror. Pay attention to the expiration date of cosmetic products to protect your skin. The expiry date is set on the products to prevent the product from deteriorating over time and harming your skin. If there is no expiration date on the product you buy, remember that their shelf life is 3 years. Keep in mind that this period is shortened if they are left in a warm environment. If you are taking hormonal drugs, antibiotics, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or drugs such as painkillers increase sensitivity to the sun, ask your doctor about what precautions you should take.

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