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The Most Asked Question About ByPass Surgery!

One of the most frequently asked questions in ByPass Surgery is "where are the veins used in the surgery taken from and whether these veins taken after the surgery cause problems" @drsistem @doc.dr.mustafaemmiler

The basic principle in bypass (bridge) surgeries is to bridge the blocked or narrowed coronary artery with a healthy vessel taken from the leg, arm, stomach or chest.

The veins used by the surgeon during the operation are the veins in the patient's own body, and they are the veins that do not leave a shortage when they are taken. The upper ends of the free vessels are sutured to the aorta and blood is carried to the front of the stenosis. Thus, with a new vessel, it is aimed to ensure the flow of blood that carries energy and oxygen to the heart muscle in the region of stenosis or obstruction. The number of bypass vessels made during the operation can vary between 1 and 6. Generally, 2 or 4 vessels are bypassed.

For questions and detailed information, you can reach Associate Professor Mustafa Emmiler and ask your questions by clicking the link. We wish you healthy days.

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