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In vitro fertilization is a form of treatment for women who cannot become pregnant naturally.

It was first introduced in England in 1978. In vitro fertilization method is based on the discipline of taking the sperm cell of the man and the egg cell of the woman, combining them in the laboratory environment and fertilizing them at a certain temperature. The embryo formed as a result of fusion is placed into the uterus with the help of a thin catheter.

In order for the treatment to be successful, there are some points that couples should pay attention to during the preparation process for IVF treatment. Paying attention to lifestyle before IVF treatment significantly increases the success rate of the treatment.

The factors that will affect the success of IVF treatment can be listed as follows;

Cigarettes and alcohol

Mothers and fathers who decide on IVF treatment should definitely stay away from smoking and alcohol. Smoking affects egg quality and the health of the uterine wall in women. In men, it impairs sperm quality. According to studies, the success rate of IVF treatment in smokers is significantly lower. In the case of passive smoking, the same disadvantages exist. In the preparation process for IVF treatment, smoking and alcohol should be stopped 3 months before the treatment starts.

Not Being in Hot Environments

Hot environments such as baths, spas and saunas reduce the quality of sperm in men and egg quality in women. It is recommended not to be in such environments at least 3 months before IVF treatment.

Weight Control - Obesity

Obesity, which requires treatment, negatively affects all body functions, and in women, the ovulation pattern is also negatively affected by obesity. In obese women, menstrual periods are irregular and the number and quality of eggs are low. Obesity causes an increase in the testosterone hormone level in the woman's body, causing a decline in female functions.

Expectant mothers should be at their ideal weight before starting IVF treatment. According to studies, the success rate of IVF treatment in obese individuals is significantly lower. Even if pregnancy is achieved, the risk of miscarriage is high. Initiation of in vitro fertilization by obese women will lead to drug loading to increase the number and quality of eggs. Despite all this, if in vitro fertilization treatment is started in obese women, the follicles are insufficient and egg development is weak. Expectant mothers should lose weight under the control of a dietitian during the preparation process for IVF treatment.

Obesity is also an important factor affecting the success of IVF treatment for men. This problem; It causes infertility and low sperm quality in men. It is observed that the sperm count in obese men is 20% less than in men of ideal weight.

Importance of Nutrition in IVF Treatment

Couples who decide on IVF treatment should also regulate their nutrition in a conscious and disciplined way.

• Containing vitamin E; foods such as cereals, soy products, legumes, broccoli should be consumed.

• Containing vitamin A; Vegetables such as black cabbage and cauliflower should be consumed.

• Milk and dairy products with vitamin C and D content, such as orange juice, should be consumed.

• Foods containing calcium, iron and zinc should be consumed.

• Care should be taken to get Omega 3 and Omega 6 from food.

• It is very important to start taking folic acid vitamin, which is valid for every pregnant woman, before pregnancy. This vitamin can be taken from green leafy vegetables, unground grains, foods such as soy, or it can be taken in pill form when necessary.

Behaviors to be Followed by the Father-to-be During the Preparation Process Before IVF Treatment

Before IVF treatment, the man should pay attention to some issues for sperm quality;

• If you are being treated for another ailment and taking medication, the doctor must be informed.

• Smoking and alcohol should not be used in the last 3 months before the application.

• If heavy sports are done, it should be stopped during the preparation period (last 3 months) before IVF treatment.

• Avoid hot environments such as baths and spas. Heat affects sperm quality.

• Febrile diseases affect the success of treatment by reducing sperm quality. If there is a febrile illness within 2 months before starting the treatment, the doctor should be informed.

• Loose and comfortable underwear should be preferred. Tight clothes should not be worn.

• If there is any disease in the genital area, the doctor must be informed.

• You should not have sexual intercourse for the last three days before the treatment and for at least 10 days after the application.

Behaviors to be followed by expectant mothers before IVF

• If you are being treated for another ailment and taking medication, the doctor must be informed.

• The doctor should be informed about past or ongoing genital disorders.

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