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What Are Female Genital Cancers? Attention to Symptoms!

Female genital cancers are divided into internal genital and external genital cancers.

Internal genital cancers:

cervical cancer

Cancers from the uterine lining and uterine muscle (endometrium and sarcoma)

ovarian cancer

Vaginal Cancer

External Genital Cancers

Vulvar Cancer

We often see internal genital cancers. Foremost among these, endometrial cancer of the uterine lining is the most common type of cancer in Turkey.

What are its symptoms:

In uterine lining endometrium cancer;

Abnormal bleeding (especially during menopause)

Discomfort, pressure, pain in the lower abdomen

swelling in the abdomen

Swelling in the genital shade

Unexplained weight loss

In cervical cancer; post intercourse bleeding

What are the Diagnostic Methods:

Cervical smear pap (for cervical cancer)


MRI & Computed tomography

Endometrial biopsy


Dilation and curettage

If any problems are detected as a result of the scans, detailed examinations may be requested.

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