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The most obvious cause of vaginal enlargement is childbirth. Vaginal width is around 2 cm on average. This width reaches up to 15 cm at birth. It is possible to say that all muscle tissues around the vagina are deformed and torn after this expansion. For this reason, we can first explain that there are normal births under the question title of What are the Causes of Vaginal Enlargement.

After the tears in the muscle tissue during normal delivery, the vagina does not return to its former structure and tightness and cannot reach its former stenosis. However, depending on the increase in the number of sexual intercourse, vaginal enlargement occurs. However, this situation has some effect on vaginal enlargement, although not much.

During birth, incisions called episiotomy are made in order to facilitate the birth of the baby during the exit of the baby from the vaginal canal and to prevent the formation of tears extending towards the anus. This incision is closed by suturing after the baby is released. If this suture is not placed properly, infections or problems in the healing process may occur. In these cases, enlargement of the vagina is observed.

Another reason affecting the expansion is; is age. With the advancing age, loosening is observed in all body tissues. In addition, stretching may occur with relaxation in the muscle tissues and connective tissues around the vagina. After the flexibility of the muscles and connective tissues, enlargements are seen in the vagina.

Some women may have collagen tissue differences. Indirect textures from these differences are very flexible. For this reason, vaginal enlargement is more common in such people. In addition, these enlargements, which cause a big problem at earlier ages, lead to treatment for vaginal enlargement in the 20s. As a result of vaginal enlargement, some sexual problems are experienced and this problem is disturbing and causes a picture for many women.

What are the Causes of Vagina Enlargement?

These problems, accompanied by both aesthetic and functional deterioration, are eliminated by vaginal tightening surgeries.

Risk Factors Causing Vagina Enlargement:

There are a number of risk factors other than the factors mentioned above in the title of What are the Causes of Vaginal Enlargement. Especially menopause is an important risk factor for this vaginal enlargement. Estrogen hormone, which is actively secreted during the fertile period, helps to strengthen the muscle and connective tissues in the pelvic structures. However, due to the decrease in estrogen levels after the menopause period, the strength in this pelvic region is lost. As a result, vaginal enlargement is observed, accompanied by loosening of the muscle and connective tissues in the vaginal region.

As it is known, the uterus, that is, the uterus, is in the support structure located on the upper part of the vagina. Hysterectomy also refers to the surgical removal and removal of the uterus. In cases where the uterus is removed, the upper part of the vagina may fall into the vaginal opening. In this case, sagging of the vaginal dome occurs and causes enlargement.

Considering all the reasons and risk factors mentioned above, it is possible to summarize the factors that cause vaginal enlargement.






Deformations of tissues and muscles

Dysfunctions in nerves and tissues

Past pelvic surgeries

Apart from all these risk factors and reasons, vaginal enlargement is also seen during menstrual periods. In order to ensure blood flow through the vagina during the menstrual period, there are enlargements of 1-2 cm in diameter. However, these enlargements narrow after the end of menstrual bleeding and the vagina returns to its former narrowness. However, the wrong information in the title of What are the Causes of Vagina Enlargement should also be corrected.

It is thought by many that there are enlargements in the vagina during sexual intercourse or depending on the number of sexual intercourse. This has a very small effect on the enlargement of the vagina. In other words, since the vagina has an elastic structure, it has a structure that can stretch both during intercourse and during childbirth. Therefore, changes in the vagina during arousal and sexual intercourse should be perceived as completely normal.

In other words, we can say that the vagina, which is suitable to expand up to 15 cm in diameter during childbirth, will not expand after sexual intercourse or depending on the number of them, which causes discomfort and deformation. At this point, it is recommended that patients who think that they have vaginal enlargement should have a comprehensive physical examination. Vaginal narrowing is diagnosed with the patient's history and physical examination.

The treatment method to be applied after the diagnosis of enlargement varies according to the type of enlargement or sagging. For this situation, the physician examines each area of ​​the vagina in detail and performs a number of tests.

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