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How will you help your child make the most of every single poop visit to the toilet? Have your child:

Try pooping every day after breakfast and dinner.

Especially in the morning after eating, the urge to poop is stronger. The gastrocolic reflex is one of a series of physiological reflexes that control the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. This reflex causes the urge to defecate after eating. The small intestine exhibits a similar motility response. The gastrocolic reflex's function of sending available intestinal contents through the digestive tract helps lead to digested food. For this reason, efforts to sit down and poop after meals may be more successful.

Try sitting on the toilet for a full 5 minutes.

Children “I don't have to go to the toilet!” They don't want to sit on the toilet. You can set a timer and have your child stop for 5 minutes. Sitting with a favorite book or toy or watching a video can help keep them motivated. Your child may poop very little at first. But still let it sit for 5 minutes. Over time they will poop more.

Have him lean forward while pooping.

In addition, the child's feet should be firmly on the ground, and the knees should be positioned higher than the bottom. The child should lean forward slightly, put their elbows on their knees, and have rounded shoulders but a straight spine. Proper poop position is pretty simple and can make a big difference. In this position, you can put the rectum in a vertical position so that gravity helps your child. This stretches the abdominal cavity, causing it to pump into the rectum for emptying of the colon. Blow into your hands as if you are inflating a balloon. The child will relax and will be able to evacuate more easily.

Sit on the toilet stool so that your feet touch the floor.

The human body was created to squat and poop. Thanks to the toilet positioner stool, the required squatting position is provided. Younger children should sit on the toilet seat. Thus, they can discharge more comfortably and more.

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