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What Causes Neck Hernia?

This is actually a question that the vast majority of my patients ask!

What Causes Neck Hernia?

In order to answer this question more easily, we first need to look at what the spine is.

Spine; It consists of 33 bones, called vertebrae, through which the spinal cord passes, allowing the body to stand upright.

These vertebrae are connected to each other by a soft disc and two superficial joints.

In the disc, there is cartilage tissue that acts as a shock absorber for the pressure on the vertebrae.

So far, I have tried to explain the spine and its contents.

Now let's come to the subject of hernia!

With movements such as wrong or wrong movements or lifting weights, the muscles contract and the ligaments between the vertebrae are compressed.

Moreover, the disc loses its water content over time and does not fully fulfill its shock absorber duty.

For all these reasons, when the disc is damaged, the inner cartilage tissue comes out of the tear in the outer layer and overflows into the space where the nerves and spinal cord are located.

Later, this overflowing cartilage causes various complaints as it presses on the nerves.

As a result, we can briefly summarize why neck hernia occurs in this way.

I wish you all healthy and pain-free days.

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