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Why is Breast Vacuum Biopsy necessary?

With breast vacuum biopsy, it is possible to get rid of benign breast masses without pain and surgery. In addition, malignant breast masses sometimes cannot be seen clearly on ultrasound and sufficient tissue cannot be obtained in standard biopsy. The diagnosis of breast cancer can be made more clearly with breast vacuum biopsy performed by physicians who have specialized in Interventional Radiology. The diagnosis and simultaneous treatment of common and benign breast masses such as fibroadenoma is performed with Interventional Radiology by removing them with non-surgical local anesthesia and vacuum needle. With the vacuum biopsy method, our patients both get rid of the mass in the breast within 15 minutes, and if the results of the biopsy diagnosis are positive, they also get rid of the masses that need to be constantly checked.

Breast vacuum biopsy is for the diagnosis of breast masses that cannot be seen on ultrasound and detected by breast MRI. In addition, it is a short-term procedure and patients can get rid of masses such as benign fibroadenomas in the breast without surgery. It can be used as an effective solution in cancer diagnosis by removing untargeted tissues in standard biopsies.

In this patient, cancer was detected in very small foci and oncological follow-up and treatment was started.

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