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Why is Port Necessary in Cancer Treatment?

We would like to make a short briefing for our patients who are afraid of port insertion; The diameter of the port is maximum 3 cm and an incision of the appropriate size must be opened to allow it to enter through the skin and it must be closed with a few stitches to heal this incision. Even though the healing process is troublesome in the first few days, it is possible to get rid of the stitches completely in 10 days; If the port is not placed, unfortunately, hundreds of needles, blood supplements, nutritional supplements, which the patients will receive from the arm, will cause occlusion of the arm veins after a while and cause greater pain and distress; Our patients state that they can easily endure 2-3 temporary stitches for the use of a small coin-sized port under the skin, considering that thicker catheters will be inserted and the catheters will hang out from the neck, thus restricting neck movements and suffering from hoses hanging from the side of the face. The common opinion of the patients who are afraid of having a port installed and who are exposed to these negative processes in the end is "I wish we had the port installed beforehand without hesitation". We wish you healthy days. #drsistem#drchat#sanalhealthconsultant on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube

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