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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

It is very difficult for cancer patients and their relatives to distinguish which is right and which is wrong among the many information heard about chemotherapy among cancer treatments, circulating on the internet and social media, or on television channels. Unfortunately, most of this information is incorrect.

-I will have to spend a lot of time in the hospital and it will make my life very difficult.

Chemotherapy drugs are administered in many different ways today, depending on the patient's condition and needs. Most chemo is given intravenously (into a vein) with a needle or catheter. Sometimes chemo drugs can be given in pill or liquid form that you can very simply take at home.

-My doctor said I should start chemotherapy, I'm probably in my last period.

Thirty years ago, getting a chemotherapy session generally meant you were in very poor health. It is not the same today, because chemotherapy is often used as adjuvant treatment; that is, it is given after primary treatment, such as surgery and/or radiation therapy, to prevent the cancer from coming back.

-I will be sick for a long time and I will have nausea.

Nausea and vomiting are common side effects, but not everyone experiences the same symptoms. Talk to your doctors about any nausea, vomiting, or pain you are experiencing. Considering these complaints, they can adjust your regimens and alleviate these complaints.

There is only one type of chemotherapy and it can cure any type of cancer.

Many people think that every type of cancer can be treated with the same chemotherapy drug, but this is not the case. Different types of drugs; They target different types of cancer and work in different ways. Some of these goals are; destroying cancer cells, shrinking tumors and relieving cancer-related complaints. These medicines may be given before, after, or in combination with other treatments.

- If I'm not experiencing any side effects, chemotherapy is probably not working.

Because cancer treatments can be quite difficult for some, patients may feel that they cannot recover without pain. It is not known exactly why some patients who received the same treatment experienced less side effects. Just because you don't experience side effects doesn't mean your treatment isn't working.

All my hair will fall out.

Not all chemo drugs cause hair loss. However, for patients who experience hair loss, the hair is largely recovered approximately 3 months after chemotherapy is completed. In some cases, regrowth begins even before treatment ends.

Getting cancer is destiny, no one can change that.

It's a belief, but getting medical cancer treatment may be the most important thing to save your life. Applied treatment methods can change the course of the disease, save life or prolong life.

Chemotherapy treatment will feel much worse than coping with cancer.

When comparing the pros and cons of chemotherapy with untreated cancer, chemotherapy should definitely be supported. In many studies in which chemotherapy is tried, it is generally seen that the survival time is prolonged or the symptoms related to the disease are reduced and the quality of life is improved.

Chemotherapy can cause a serious life-threatening infection.

Serious infections are no longer common in patients receiving chemotherapy because chemotherapy treatments are now much more controlled and sparing injections can be applied if leukopenia is anticipated.

I will not be able to have children after chemotherapy.

It is very normal for people undergoing chemotherapy to have concerns about having children. There are ways to deal with this issue. For example, women can store their eggs and men their sperm for later use as doctors see fit. If having children is important to you after treatment, you may want to talk to a specialist about your reproductive options before starting chemotherapy.

If I keep my positive attitude and my normal routine, I will feel good.

Having a positive attitude is important, but the factors that count you experiencing physical side effects depend on your genetic makeup and how your body processes drugs. For this reason, the power of thought may not have much effect. In the future, it is predicted that more successful treatments can be performed with fewer complaints, as the treatments are personalized.

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