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You Forgot To Take Your Thyroid Medicine.

🦋 Let's clarify a question that is asked very often by my patients and followers.

💊 What should I do if I forget to take thyroid medication?

💊 Normally, thyroid drugs are taken on an empty stomach and it is recommended to have breakfast at least 30 -45 minutes after taking the drug.

💊 If we forget to take a dose of medicine, we can take it 30 minutes before the next meal. In other words, if we forgot in the morning, 30 minutes before lunch; or if we forgot it at noon, we can take it 30 minutes before dinner.

⚡️Let's say we forgot to take thyroid medicine for 1 day or we went on a trip and forgot to take it with us...... ........

❌ ❌❌❌ In such a case, let's not resort to a way to buy 2 the next day. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake🆘........... This point is very important because

The effects of these drugs begin after 3-4 weeks, and since they accumulate in the thyroid tissue, their plasma half-lives are short, but their effects are long-lasting. ....... .....,,,,

🕖 Also, if a habit of "I'll take it tomorrow anyway" occurs when you forget, it may also cause a problem with the regular use of the drug in the long run...

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